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The journey for furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) needs to be made as streamlined as possible to ensure what is supplied is what is expected.

This is not only from a quantity and price perspective, but encompasses:

• Quality
• Packaging
• Delivered on time
• Delivered with care

To achieve this, companies need to work together to ensure each vital function supports the other. Buyers must work with suppliers, suppliers must work with transport providers, transport providers with receivers, receivers with contractors and around so on.

The age old saying “you are only as strong as your weakest link” could not be more accurate when running supply chain models.

Road blocks are not uncommon, and finding your way through the maze is made easier by choosing the correct partnerships all the while ensuring that what can be complicated can be made simple with the correct advise and service.

Be sure in 2017 to select companies and service providers that understand you, understand your obstacles and road blocks, and are able to show you the path to achieve your outcome.

At DUTT Transport and Dutt Project Services (DPS) we strive to be the best in our chosen fields, we ensure road blocks are removed, obstacles are overcome, and the overall solution is delivered to our clients.

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As the Christmas rush for store development projects in 2016 begin to wind down, and preparation for 2017 projects begin, supply chain processes and timelines are questioned.

The beginning of the year for store development projects is an opportune time to look at new and improved designs & layouts to enhancing customer interactions for 2017.

Intertwined in this task will be the critical process of procurement and supply chain options and processes that should be challenged and questioned, the multitude of different suppliers and service companies reviewed, and the process flow from design through to store delivery will be examined.

Freight forwarders, warehousing & 3PL’s, linehaul and local transport companies should be mapped out to ensure the product is provided the most efficient and effective pathway from origin to store delivery.

This is no simple task, and as more service providers are added to the mix, the deeper the discussion plunges and budgets for projects and CAPEX’s become more convoluted.

Dutt Project Services (DPS) offers a single point of contact to manage your retail fixtures from origin to store delivery. DPS offers a service solution that entails:

• Project management
• Container receipt
• Cross dock
• Warehousing
• Supplier freight consolidation
• Transport
• Quality control
• Fixture assembly
• Store placement

This allows our clients to provide a single project scope with the understanding that DPS manages the entire process from origin to store delivery.

We work in conjunction with your suppliers and freight forwarders to manage the process end-to-end. This saves you time and resources, and allows you to focus on what you do best!

For more information contact Dutt Project Services on 1300 883 477 or alternatively email contact@duttdps.com.au

A Tailored Solution

In todays fast paced retail development environment, we encounter new concepts, adaptations, changes, and functional spaces, designed to enhance and guide the customers experience.

Designers in this field are constantly pushing the boundaries, using design fundamentals and retail science to create such spaces, and to ensure a cutting edge experience is achieved.

New shapes and forms, different finishes, and new material make-ups support this creative environment, and enhance customer involvement.

Procurement teams, manufacturers, and sourcing agents get to work to facilitate the fitting and fixtures that have been designed to bring them to life.

Transport modes are then called upon to relocate the finished designs from origin to the retail environment. Caution must be taken here, and sometimes this is a neglected, yet essential step pushed to the corner and little expertise are called upon to move these newly designed fixtures and fittings from their birth place to their new home.

This function is critical to the entire process, as without this, the cutting edge designs would not be delivered into the retail space, and new customer experiences would not be delivered or enhanced.

In todays age, these fixtures do not come from one place but are a culmination of different companies and processes that come together, each providing a unique component into the retail environment.

Managing the influx of new products, materials, fragility and over dimensional objects then becomes a science in itself. Care and time needs to be taken to ensure the supply chain is managed cautiously and correctly to deliver the designed and procured fixtures into the retail environments. Project management and transport modes are critical to success, and aligning your company to such an organisation is paramount in achieving this goal.

DUTT is Australia’s leading transport company for FF&E, and has been operating in this niche industry for over 30 years. DUTT provides the complete solution from moving fixtures from A to B, to being engaged to manage the FF&E life cycle from procurement through to store delivery, and back again.

DUTT pride itself in having the “know how” to deliver on such objectives with specialised vehicles, fixtures and fitting wrapping, and trained load/unload crews that complement the personalised service and delivery requirements. We understand the importance of this step in a time poor industry, and work collectively with our clients as a partnership in achieving your goals.

Everyone involved in store development and alike understands the importance of this critical step, and respects the part that it plays in the overall delivery of the retail environment.

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